Our foundry has a facility of twin blast cupolas where one is operational and the other is standby. The items can be hand moulded or machine moulded. There are about 200 molders and workmen nad 25 Engineers & Supervisors in our foundry. Our main aim is casting our products is Clients requirements and satisfaction.

Production Facilities include:

  • Sand Plants.
  • DISA Moulding machines.
  • Cooling conveyors.
  • Magnetic Separators for sand.
  • Shot Blasting.
  • Sand Blasting.
  • Grinding and surface finishing.
  • Machine shop having Plano Millers, Planers, Shapers, Drills, Lathes.
  • Machining units located in each foundry.
  • CNC shop with turning and milling facility.
  • Paint Tanks.
  • Paint shop.
  • Paint drying conveyors.
  • Packing in crates.
  • Container loading bay.
  • Weigh bridge.